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Working At Domino's - “Sell more pizza's, have more fun.”

How to apply

It appears you're thinking about stepping up to the plate and joining the Domino's Pizza team. Congratulations. You've just taken the first step towards a serious career and serious fun. Before you apply it's important to know the processes you need to follow. We don't want to drown you with unnecessary paperwork. Our approach to hiring is short and simple – here's how it works:

The eight steps to Domino's:

  1. Search store locations
    Find the store that's closest to you.
  2. Online application form
    You're ready to apply.
  3. Questionnaire
    Spend five minutes filling in our online questionnaire.
  4. Wait
    Grab a snack, go round your mate's place, relax. We'll be in touch within the next couple of days.
  5. Interview process
    We'll arrange a date and time for you to come in.
  6. Receive employee pack
    All the information you need about your Domino's job.
  7. Orientation and training
    Find your feet and hit the ground running.
  8. Start work
    Pull on your's your first day!
So there you have it. Eight simple steps and you could become the next Domino's success story. Why wait? Enter your postcode above, search for a store now and get the hiring process rolling.

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